McAfee is a worldwide popular antivirus software that offers top-quality protection to millions of users. However, the software comes in various editions. Today, we’ll discuss McAfee LiveSafe. Is McAfee LiveSafe any good? Keep on reading to find out.

General impression

McAfee LiveSafe has a convenient interface. Even beginners can intuitively navigate the program and access all the wanted features. Another great detail for inexperienced users is a short description next to every feature. The main window contains quick access to main modules: Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Protection, Email & Internet Protection, McAfee Updates, and Subscription.

A user-friendly program comes with fast installation. However, adjusting settings in the cloud could be confusing. It requires voice recognition, photo, and other protection methods.

Another aspect people usually check out is how efficient it is at stopping malware. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the independent test results are excellent. The engine detects 100% zero-day threats. It also stopped most viruses.

This program is an excellent choice for users who need to protect several devices and wish to keep important documents in a secure cloud. We’ll take a closer look at the main features that make this edition stand out from the rest.

Features and peculiarities

McAfee LiveSafe has the same features as McAfee Internet Security. However, this edition has additional perks, too. The program also delivers Personal Locker, which is a safe cloud storage. Every user gets 1 GB could vault.

It comes with a new password manager. True Key password manager from Inter Security is considered to be the best in the world. It uses multi-factor authentication and has no rivals. Purchasing McAfee LiveSafe brings a subscription to this feature with the possibility to access passwords from an unlimited number of devices.

Pros and cons of the program

The advantages of purchasing McAfee LiveSafe are:

  1. Safe cloud storage where users get to choose the protection level for every file;
  2. The software covers multiple devices in the household;
  3. High-quality protection, excellent malware detection;
  4. All benefits McAfee Internet Security offers.

On the other hand, nothing is perfect. This software also has some drawbacks you might find critical:

  1. The cloud storage is very limited;
  2. Storage vulnerability questions & concerns;
  3. Higher than average price;
  4. Inconvenient parental control features.


While McAfee LiveSafe has some issues, the software is generally good. It’s a reliable solution that provides numerous advantages as well as additional features. Despite everything, it’s the most advanced software from this developer.

Nevertheless, if you don’t plan on using the online storage, choosing McAfee Internet Security makes more sense. Both software options deliver the same protection and features, but the Internet Security bundle comes without cloud storage. 

So, if you are looking for reliable protection for all your computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, this could be a suitable choice. Using one license (and its unique code), one may activate the full version on various devices in the household.