Studies can be a real stress, especially if you go to high school. The pressure of the upcoming exams can bring you down. However, some apps are sure to help students stay more organized, motivated, and educated. Let’s take a quick look at the best solutions you can use on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Top 5 apps you should install today

  • StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes;
  • GoConqr;
  • Exam Countdown Lite;
  • My Study Life;
  • Evernote.

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes is a useful app with over 500 million flashcards. It’s not only a vision aid you can take anywhere but a very customizable application, too. A user may pick the materials, formats, etc. Anything to make learning convenient. The app tracks your progress and motivates you. It also has some quizzes to show your weak spots. The application works on both Android and iOS.

GoConqr is another great app for very social students. The main concept is that one user may connect and collaborate with one’s friends, schoolmates, and other students from all across the globe. They form Learning Groups and study various subjects, share information, resources, etc. So far it only works on iOS.

Exam Countdown Lite helps you to keep track of the upcoming exams. It is a visual reminder of the important dates. A user will see how much time is left before a certain exam and will be able to define what to focus on. This app is very customizable and has color codes for every subject. A user may also add notes. For example, things you need to take that day. Download it on Android or iOS.

My Study Life focuses on organizing more. It lets a user build a timetable and keep track of the classes, homework, exams, etc. The app sends reminders and a few useful features but works on iOS only.

Finally, there is Evernote. This is a very convenient app not only for high school students and is very popular among those who often take notes. This is the ultimate organizer of your notes. You may add to-do lists, images, links, etc. A user can type notes, handwrite them, take photos, store documents & PDF files, etc. It works on both Android and iOS and will come in handy.

Other popular apps among high school students

High school students often lack time for other important things. That’s why apps like SimpleMind help them organize thoughts, come up with fresh ideas, etc. It’s basically a mind map in the app.

On the other hand, students also need to devote some time to reducing stress. Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness is perfect for it. The application has various courses to help users improve areas of your life, relax, breathe, etc.

Finally, there is an interesting app called Study Music Memory Booster. It was developed to help students focus better. Listening to music clears their minds and helps to be more productive. Different nature sounds and alpha waves help to study.